How To Kill Ringworm

how to kill ringworm


  1. skateman90 says:

    How to kill ringworm?
    I have used creme to kill ringworm in 4 weeks an didnt work! Bleach didnt work! I dont know what to use or do anymore! Help. Post suggestions/experience

    • tooyoung2bagrannybabe says:

      Any cream made for yeast infections or jock itch or athlete’s foot will get rid of it but it will take repeated applications for a few weeks. All of these such creams are sold over the counter at every pharmacy as well as Target and Walmart.

  2. inapostown says:

    Does Simple Green d Pro 3 kill ringworm?
    I’m supposed to use bleach and water to kill ringworm spores on surfaces and carpets, but I wanted to know if Simple Green d Pro 3 could be used, instead. It’s antifungal and is supposed to kill athlete’s foot fungus. So, I wondered if it could kill ringworm spores, also.

    • Becky B says:

      First things first, I think Simple Green D Pro 3 CAN kill ringworm. Athlete’s Foot, another thing it kills, is called “tinea” like Ringworm is also called “tinea”. Meaning they are in the same genus and are much alike.

      You can also help prevent ringoworm on your skin by keeping your skin in the sunlight and keeping it dry.

      Hope I helped!

  3. Carly says:

    What laundry detergent is best at killing bacteria?
    I need to kill ringworm and don’t know what type of detergent is safe to use.

    • Snow Bunny-Rebel says:

      There isn’t any detergent that will kill ringworm. Just use what you always do. Wash in any temp water and dry thoroughly in the dryer. The heat of the dryer will kill germs and bacteria. If you have a front load washer with a Sani-Wash, use that but, still dry in the dryer.

  4. Jason H says:

    What can I spray in my yard to kill Ringworm?
    My dogs have got the Ringworm virus and they got it from digging in the backyard. What are some options to — 1) deter them from digging holes everywhere and 2) apply something directly to the yard to kill the Ringworm Virus…. The dogs have already been to the Vet so they are being fixed, I just need some ideas for my other problems
    I Need help

    • Kip's Mom says:

      Ringworm is a fungus, not a virus. Yes, there is probably a fungicide you could get but…

      1. Fungicides are extremely toxic to humans and other animals
      2. They last as long as it takes for the wind to blow in more spores from untreated areas.

      The best option – stop them from digging. The easiest way to do this – make sure they are adequately exercised (both physically and mentally), and do not leave them outside unattended.

  5. TrakSt*r says:

    Will vaseline and garlic mixed together, and then applied to ringworm with a band aid over it, really cure it?
    I have read about garlic and other remedies for fast ringworm cures. I’ve heard that the garlic burns/kills the ringworm in 24 hours.

    • RM says:

      I’ve never heard of such medieval practices, but I do know that ring worm is not a worm. It’s a fungus. Use an anti-fungal cream as one would use for jock itch or athlete’s foot. Lomotrin is effective as many other over the counter anti-fungal meds.

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